FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Theme Song Download

By | November 30, 2021

The 10th edition of the Arab Cup is organised by FIFA It is scheduled to happen in the late 2021 starting from 30 November. This is a competition among men’s national teams from the Arab world from two different confederations to be precise. Qatar is hosting the tournament and that’s the first time the Middle East is going to host the FIFA World Cup. From the to two confederations, 12 are from Asia and 11 are from Africa. FIFA Arab Cup 2021 theme song information is also given in the article below. The selection process of the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is also very fair according to many critiques. FIFA is really doing something with the Arab cup and fans from around the world are really excited for the tournament finally take place in late 2021.


Arab Cup- How It Has Evolved?


The Arab Cup has a lot of history in the game of football. Founded in 1963, it was only played 9 times till the 2021 edition. The first ever Arab Cup was won by Tunisia and it was a major moment back then. That motivated them for having played in 1964 and 1966 as well. After these two tournaments happened, the Arab Cup was halted for about 19 years. It was then contested in 1985. The Lebanese Football Association is the one that founded it and now it has been taken over by FIFA for the 2021 edition. This is also being called a prelude to the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is also going to be hosted by this same country that is hosting the FIFA Arab Cup 2021.


The first half of June of 2021 was mainly the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 preliminaries and qualifiers which definitely set the stage for the FIFA World Cup. The same is supposed to happen to the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 as the teams would first play the qualifiers in order to qualify for playing the tournament. 9 teams are already selected for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and 14 teams are going to go through the qualifying rounds.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021- Hype


Doha (Qatari Capital) is going to host the seven single leg matches which are going to decide the teams that qualify for the tournament. This is going to take place from 19th June, 2021 to 25th June, 2021. The 14 teams that are ranked after the 9 teams that are already qualified are going to play in these 7 matches. The winners will directly by referring to the final tournament. The hype is real and a lot of people are going to catch all the action from the stadium as well.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Theme Song Download Details


FIFA World Cup 2022 and FIFA Arab Cup 2021 theme song is yet to release as FIFA has not given any information yet. The FIFA World Cup 2022 is definitely going to have a theme song but the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 theme song has no updates as of now. The tournament is going to begin late this year and we can hope that the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 theme song announcement happens just after the qualifiers are over. Till then we will all have to wait for the first ever FIFA theme song based on the Middle East.

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