FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Teams Details

By | November 30, 2021



The tenth edition of the Arab Cup is going to happen in late 2021. The tournament is supposed to take place from 30th November 2021 and go on till 18th December 2021 when the final match happens. This is a very exciting tournament not only because of the fact that 16 teams from the Arab world are going to compete against each other but also this is organised by FIFA for the first time. From two different confederations- Asia and Africa, a total of 16 teams are supposed to be decided. 9 of these teams are already decided by the April 2021 FIFA rankings. The other seven teams will however have to earn their spot by beating the assigned team in the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup qualifiers. All the 7 teams will be decided as per one match they will play against 7 other teams. The winners of these 7 matches starting from 19th June 2021 will go on to face the 9 teams that are already qualified. More details about the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 teams is given in the article below.


Veteran Teams Of The Arab Cup


The Arab Cup is a tournament that has been played for 9 times earlier and this is the first time that FIFA is organising it. The tenth edition is going to be very special because the number of teams have also increased for the 2021 edition. Iraq is the most successful team in the Arab Cup having played five tournaments and they won 4 of them. Does dominating performance is unmatchable and no other team has performed so great in this coveted tournament of Arab Cup. The stakes are definitely higher as FIFA is organising it and it is going to take place in the same host country as the FIFA World Cup 2022. Many fans are also treating this as a prelude to the FIFA World Cup 2022 which is great because the tournament of course has the potential to give a good build up to the ultimate Qatar World Cup.


The celebration of the sport coming to Middle East is something that’s wholesome as well as exciting. There were a lot of factors and a lot of controversies regarding the host country and questions arose if football can be played in those temperatures of Qatar but nevertheless we are going to get these two tournaments in Qatar. The entire football world is super excited for this tournament and to see what FIFA does to this tournament.


FIFA World Cup 2021 Team Details and Selection Process


FIFA World Cup 2021 teams were decided very fairly and precisely. The top 9 teams according to the April 2021 FIFA World rankings (Only from the two confederations) were already selected.


These teams are:


  1. Qatar (hosts)
  2. Tunisia
  3. Algeria
  4. Morocco
  5. Egypt
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Iraq
  8. United Arab Emirates
  9. Syria


The rest of the 14 teams are playing 7 single leg matches and all the 7 winners are going to qualify for the main tournament in late 2021 directly. These 14 teams that are in the qualifier rounds are:


  1. Oman
  2. Lebanon
  3. Jordan
  4. Bahrain
  5. Mauritania
  6. Palestine
  7. Libya
  8. Sudan
  9. Comoros
  10. Yemen
  11. Kuwait
  12. South Sudan
  13. Djibouti
  14. Somalia


Out of these 14 teams, the highest ranked team will play the lowest ranked team and similarly the second highest ranked team will play the second lowest ranked team. This is the reason why many people think it’s really fair.


The first match of the qualifiers has already happened which Sudan won against Libya by one goal only. They are already qualified with the 9 other teams and the other 16 today going to qualify will also be known in some days since the qualifiers are underway.

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