FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Qualifiers Details

By | November 30, 2021

The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is the first Arab cup that FIFA is organising. Before this edition, 9 editions happened and none of them were organised by FIFA. The first ever Arab Cup happened back in 1963. Football fans of the Middle East have been waiting for this tournament to return since long. The last time it was played was back in 2012 which was won by Morocco. The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is going to have 16 teams in the final tournament. FIFA has really done something with the Arab Cup because this is a prelude to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The same host country and the same grounds will definitely be enough for a good build up to the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar. FIFA Arab Cup 2021 qualifiers are already underway while the main tournament is going to be held in late 2021. Precisely, it is going to start from the 30th November 2021.


Iraq is the most successful team in the Arab cup and they are playing in the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 also. It will be amazing to watch then try to have the gold yet again in the first edition that FIFA organises.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Qualifiers Procedure


The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 qualifiers were decided very particularly. The top 9 teams according to the April 2021 FIFA World Rankings were already selected for the tournament while the other 7 have to go through the qualifiers stage. This stage consists of seven single leg matches including 14 teams. Out of these 14 teams, the 7 winners will qualify for the tournament that is going to happen in December 2021.


Starting from 19th June to 25th June, the seven matches are going to take place. One of these matches are already played between Sudan and Libya which was won by Sudan. This means that the 10th team that is going to play in the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is Sudan. Similarly, all the winners of the seven matches will keep on qualifying consecutively.


The 14 teams that are playing the qualifier stage are:


  1. Oman


  1. Lebanon


  1. Jordan


  1. Bahrain


  1. Mauritania


  1. Palestine


  1. Libya


  1. Sudan


  1. Comoros


  1. Yemen


  1. Kuwait


  1. South Sudan


  1. Djibouti


  1. Somalia


This list is ranked according to their FIFA World Rankings in April 2021. The reason why the rankings are important is because the top-ranked team is going to face the lowest ranked team in one of the seven single leg matches. Similarly, the second highest ranked team is going to play the second lowest ranked team and it goes on like that. This is a very good way to decide which team has been more dominating in the past few years.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021 qualifiers have already begun and one of the teams have qualified to the main tournament also.


All the matches of the qualifiers is going to happen in Doha across two different stadiums- Khalifa International Stadium, Doha and Jassim bin Hamad Stadium, Doha.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Qualifiers Streaming


FIFA TV on YouTube is live streaming the entire FIFA Arab Cup 2021 qualifiers which is definitely a great thing. YouTube is free for all and to be able to watch these amazing matches is just extraordinary. The full match is being streamed and on the exact time when it is happening on other television networks also.

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