FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Points table

By | December 3, 2021

The 2021 FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Points table is currently taking place in Doha. 14 teams from Asia and Africa are in the running, eager to enter the top 9 Arab countries in the tournament in December. The 7 teams that won the match last June will face off in football against hosts Qatar, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, and Syria on Qatar’s National Day from November 30 to December 21. . Arab World.

Many are heading to the two best places in Qatar for a chance to play in December.

What is the Arab Cup 2021?

The new tournament, launched by FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Points table in November 2020, will see the top 23 teams from the region compete for the Arab Nations Championship in Qatar. It is the first full-scale Pan-Arab men’s football match since the Arab Nations Cup in 2021. The National Cup has been held sporadically since 1963. It has only taken place 9 times and up to 11 Arab countries have participated. However, the new Arab Cup under FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Points table control is expected to bring important opportunities and usher in a new era of Arab football competition that has improved dramatically in recent years.

FIFA Arab Cup Points table

The 2021 match is also seen as the prelude to the 2022 FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Points table World Cup. This will give Qatar, as the organizer of the match, plenty of opportunities to test its operational plans and compete with its related infrastructure and facilities, while the Qatari national team will have the opportunity to test their courage in several high-level competitions. The Arab Cup also builds on the growing craze for the World Cup in the region, just one year after the 2021 World Cup.

FIFA Arab Cup Live streaming

FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Points table

23 teams have registered for the Arab Cup 2021. As mentioned before, 9 of these participants automatically qualify for round 16. The remaining 14 teams from the current qualifying round will be reduced to 7 wins and the top 9 teams will be added to the 16. tours from November 30.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Qatar Tunisia Morocco Algeria
Iraq United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Egypt
Oman Syria Jordan Lebanon
Bahrain Mauritania Palestine Sudan

FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Points table

16 rounds Objective 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups. Each team will play against the other teams in the group to determine the top two teams. The 8 teams that win the 16th round qualify for the quarter-finals. The four quarter-finals that won the championship go to the semi-finals and fight for the place in the final, and there is a chance to become the soccer champion of the Arab world. The final will take place on December 18 – Qatar National Day, along with a third-place match.

The official Arab Cup draw took place on Tuesday, April 27 at the Catala Cultural Village Opera House in Doha. The draw will determine the venues allocated to the 7 qualifiers and teams (A-D) of the group stage of the December tournament.

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