FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Official Draw

By | November 30, 2021

So many eyes are on the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 as it serves as a prelude to the FIFA World Cup 2022. For both the tournaments, the host is Qatar and this is the first time such big tournaments are going to take place in the Middle East. This is definitely a revolutionary phase for all the people in the Middle East since they are getting to witness the FIFA World Cup 2022. Nevertheless, FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is going to be a good build-up for not only the fans but also the teams. Being able to play in the Arab cup and understanding the Qatar conditions just follow it up with the FIFA World Cup 2022 is definitely a good idea. The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 draw happened on 27 April 2021 at the Katara Opera House in Doha. The official draw was really special and more about it is in the article below.


More about the FIFA Arab Cup 2021


This is a tournament that was long ado since the last time this was played was back in 2012 which was won by Morocco. About the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 however, all the fans are really excited to see 16 teams from two different confederations to compete against each other for the gold. This is going to be held in Qatar and audiences are supposed to be present at the stadium as well. This is going to build the excitement of all the people around the world because what is football without the fans and their cheers. FIFA Arab Cup 2021 draw was conducted by FIFA’s director of competitions named Manolo Zubiria. Four other former players were also there to accompany him.


9 of the 16 teams are already decided according to the April 2021 FIFA World rankings and the other 7 teams will be decided on the basis of qualifier matches. One of the Other 7 teams are also decided since one of the qualifier matches have been played. These are just single leg Matches and once you win one match, you proceed to the main tournament or else the team is knocked out without any second chances.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Draw


The process of the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 was really nice. It took place on the 27th April 2021 and was conducted by Manolo Zubiria and for former players being Wael Gomaa from Egypt, Nawaf-Al-Temyat from Saudi Arabia, Haitham Mustafa from Sudan, and Younis Mahmoud from Iraq.


All the 16 teams were drawn into four groups of 4 teams. Four pots were assigned out of which the first pot had Qatar automatically seeded to position A1. The other teams and the tournament were potted in particular groups according to their FIFA World rankings.


Pot 1 had the top four teams according to the April 2021 FIFA World rankings. Similarly, Pot 2 had 4th to 8th rank teams. However, pot 3 is formed by Syria and the winners after the first 3 qualifier matches. The fourth was for the other four teams that qualify through the qualifying matches.


After randomizing these pots, the four groups were properly curated and created. FIFA Arab Cup 2021 draw was definitely interesting and a lot about this tournament was open to the people who wanted to know. Overall, it was a great night for the game of football in the Middle East.

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