FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Schedule PDF: Full Fixtures

By | November 30, 2021

FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is going to be the 10th time that the Arab Cup is under contest. A total of 16 teams are going to participate in this tournament from two different confederations. The qualifiers for the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 is already underway and people are catching up all the action on live streaming or on their televisions. 9 of those teams are already selected and the other 14 teams are playing in the qualifiers for a chance to play in the Arab Cup. FIFA Arab Cup 2021 schedule starts from 30th November 2021 and longs on to 18th December 2021. The full schedule of the match will be given in the article below in a PDF format.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Teams


Qatar, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Syria are the 9 teams that are already selected according to the April 2021 FIFA world rankings. It was decided before hand that the April 2021 FIFA world rankings will determine the top 9 teams from the two confederations directly while the other 14 will have to go through the qualifier rounds. This tournament is going to begin in late 2021 and the qualifiers for the tournament is already happening in the mid 2021.


In the qualifiers, a total of 14 teams are playing. Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Mauritania, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Comoros, Yemen, Kuwait, South Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia are competing in the qualifiers out of which 7 teams are going to qualify for the actual tournament. These 7 teams will be decided on the basis of 7 single-leg matches which are like knock-out matches. Only the winners of these matches will be qualifying for the actual tournament. For the fairer decision of the qualifying rounds, the top ranked team among these 14 will play the lowest ranked team in the same group. This is how much the April 2021 FIFA World Rankings matter during selection of the teams. The host for the tournament- Qatar were automatically selected for the tournament.


FIFA Arab Cup History


The 2021 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Qatar and across 6 venues. The last time this cup was contested was back in 2012. This edition is also treated as the prelude to the 2022 FIFA World Cup which is also going to be hosted by Qatar. Making a good name in this Arab Cup tournament will give that particular team a good confidence walking into the most respectable tournament of football. Back in 2012, Morocco won the FIFA Arab Cup. The tournament was hosted by Saudi Arabia and it was the first Arab Cup title that Morocco ever won. In the tournament, 11 teams competed against each other which means that this time we are going to have a FIFA Arab cup that will host 16 teams.


This is also the first time that the Arab Cup is being organised by FIFA. This is the reason why many people are also excited to know about how they try to rejunevate the charm of this tournament. It would not be very bold to presume that this edition of the Arab Cup is going to be watched across the world on the proper dates as mentioned in the Fifa Arab Cup 2021 Schedule.


FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Schedule


The FIFA Arab Cup 2021 schedule is available in the pdf format below. It consists of group stage matches, knockout stage, and then the finals. The FIFA World Cup Cup 2021 schedule begins from 30 November and the final match is going to happen on the 18th December 2021. All the matches that are going to be held in between this time period is given in the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 schedule below.

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