2021 FIFA Arab Cup Live Streaming

The 2021 FIFA World Cup will be the 10th edition of the FIFA Arab Cup which many football fans are looking forward to. This was just a football tournament that was contested by men’s national teams from the Arab world before this one. For the first time, this tournament is organized by FIFA which is why more people are going to tune into it. The FIFA World Cup happening in Qatar opened up many ideas and possibilities for football in the continent and the subcontinents. FIFA Arab Cup are going to be contested between 16 teams from 2 confederations. The host country of this tournament is Qatar and it will be held across 6 venues in 4 host cities. The last time the Arab Cup was up for grabs was back in 2012 so this tournament was long due anyway. 2021 FIFA Arab Cup live streaming will be available on many platforms too. More details about it is given in the article.

30 November to 18 December is when the tournament is going to take place and many people are also treating it as free nude to the 2022 FIFA World Cup which is also going to be held in Qatar.

How Are FIFA 2021 Arab Cup Teams Decided?

23 teams participate in the qualifying process and the top 9 teams according to the April 2021 FIFA ranking directly qualified for the tournament. Here is the 19th that are already qualified for the FIFA 2021 Arab Cup:

  1. Qatar (hosts)
  2. Tunisia
  3. Algeria
  4. Morocco
  5. Egypt
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Iraq
  8. United Arab Emirates
  9. Syria

These are the teams that you can watch as they play the game of football through 2021 FIFA Arab Cup live streaming. The remaining 14 teams are selected through a process. First of all, all the fourteen teams will play single-leg matches which will result in 7 matches played and 7 winners going through to the group stage.

The group stage, however, will have four groups of four teams in a round-robin format. The top two teams from each of these groups will be playing in the knockout stage which will consist of quarter-finals, semi-finals, a match for determining the 3rd place, and the final. Not only that but also all the fourteen teams are paired based on their April 2021 FIFA ranking. This means that the top team out of them in the ranking will be facing the lowest-ranked team in the ranking. The 14 teams that are trying to compete in the qualifiers in order to get a chance to play in the FIFA 2021 Arab cup are:

  1. Oman
  2. Lebanon
  3. Jordan
  4. Bahrain
  5. Mauritania
  6. Palestine
  7. Libya
  8. Sudan
  9. Comoros
  10. Yemen
  11. Kuwait
  12. South Sudan
  13. Djibouti
  14. Somalia

These teams are ranked according to their April 2021 FIFA World rankings. Oman will be playing Somalia and Lebanon will be playing against Djibouti and so on, according to the rule of the qualifiers.

FIFA 2021 Arab Cup Qualifiers

The qualifiers for the FIFA 2021 Arab Cup is beginning on 20 June 2021. The inauguration match that is going to be played is on 20 June 2021 between Oman and Somalia.

Everybody is very excited about the qualifiers because a lot of Arabic teams are getting a chance to prove themselves just before the FIFA 2022 World Cup. The selection process as already mentioned was also decided very particularly which is what makes both the tournament and the qualifiers supremely exciting. The matches that are going to take place from 20 June 2021 to 25 June 2021 are going to be single-leg matches. A total of seven single-leg matches will be happening. The winners of these matches are going to advance to the group stage and the losers will not get another opportunity to prove themselves.

FIFA Arab Cup 2021 Matches

The excitement begins, when in the group stage all the teams that have already qualified for the tournament are going to compete against the seven winners of the single-leg matches. This means that the four groups will have qualified teams as well as the winners of the first stage matches. The top two teams from each group will qualify for the knockout stage. Each team from every group of four will be playing 3 matches for the group stage. These group stage matches will be started to be played from 30 November 2021 with the first match being Qatar (host) vs. *the winner of Bahrain vs Kuwait in the qualifiers*.

After the group stage is done with the knockout stage will have four matches in the quarter-finals as usual. The four winners of the quarter-finals will advance to the 2 semifinals. The knockout stage begins on 10 December 2021 and the final match between the 2 winners of the semi-finals is going to happen on 18 December. The losing teams of the semi-finals will play against each other on 18th December itself for third place.

2021 FIFA Arab Cup Tickets

This is one of the most look forward tournaments of 2021, being the prelude to 2022 FIFA World Cup. The tickets for the FIFA Arab Cup Qualifiers will go on sale this week itself and the people who are in Qatar can watch the action live in front of their eyes. After FIFA took over the Arab Cup, a lot of fans are really excited for the tournament and how the stakes change. The four host cities are Al Rayyan, Al Dhakira, Al Wakrah and Doha (capital of Qatar). Many people are really sceptical about the temperature in Qatar playing a good role in the matches which shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, it is a country with hot temperature and it’s for the players to see and not exhaust themselves too early.

If you want to receive all information about the tickets and the exact date and time when it will go live on the website, you should go to fifa.com and follow the further steps. After going to the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 webpage, click on ‘Ticketing’ which will allow you to register your interest. It will also ask you for your email where you will receive all the updates, henceforth.

History of the Arab Cup

The inaugural edition of the Arab Cup happened back in 1963 which was held in Lebanon. The tournament was played and Tunisia was the team that came out stronger than others. After the first three editions including the 1963, 1964 and 1966, the tournament was halted for 19 years. In 1985, the tournament made a comeback and all the Arabian teams had something good to look forward to yet again. 5 more tournaments were held after that without any halt. The 9th and the latest competition that was organised was in 2012 by the Union of Arab Football Associations, also known as UAFA.

The most successful team in these campaigns is Iraq having won the title for 4 times which is more than any other. Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia have won the title once each while Saudi Arabia has two of them. The 2012 Arab cup was won by Morocco who are the defending champions walking into the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup. All these amazing teams can be watched again being played from the stadium, on your television or through 2021 FIFA Arab Cup live streaming. One of the most successful teams in the tournament is Iraq with 25 matches played in the tournament out of which they won 16 matches, had 8 draws and just 1 loss. The records show an entire legacy.

The four times that Iraq won were consecutive in the years 1964, 1966 1985 and 1988. Dominating performance as such really is remarkable and Iraq was one of the teams that took Arab Cup to the next level. The craze of football in the country of Qatar is huge and everybody wanted the FIFA World Cup to come to their country in the middle east. Not only did the FIFA World Cup come but also all the action from the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup live streaming will be presented from the stadiums of Qatar.

2021 FIFA Arab Cup Live Streaming

The 2021 FIFA Arab Cup live streaming will be available on Hotstar from India. This is the leading sports streaming service in India which tends to cover all FIFA broadcasts too. This is the reason why it is predicted that the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup live streaming will be done on the same. Star holds the official broadcasting rights which is why you can also go to Star Sports 2 or Star Sports 3 in order to catch all the action.

A lot of websites around the internet will also give live commentary of the tournament. This is for all the people who like to read what is happening in the matches. The official draw of the FIFA Arab cup 2021 is on FIFA TV but it will not be broadcasting the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup live streaming. Highlights and key moments from the matches will be available on FIFA TV as always. Another website called livesoccertv.com is also going to broadcast the FIFA Arab Cup 2021 and a lot of people around the world can catch up through that too.

Nevertheless, more streaming services will come up as the tournament comes closer and FIFA Arab Cup 2021 live streaming will be available on more platforms than just these. It will be a pleasure to catch up all the action and all the fans are really excited for the Arab Cup 2021. All eyes are on this tournament as everybody wants to see what FIFA does with this coveted tournament from the past.